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Jackson Crane is owned and managed by an experienced crane operator, Charlie Jackson. He worked as a driver for 30 years before starting the company and he makes sure that the we continue to keep the drivers at the heart of our business.

Honesty and integrity is foremost in our relationship with our drivers. Our operators know we are trustworthy, we will never promise you a bonus or an hourly rate then fail to deliver once you have started the job. Many of our drivers will not work for any other agency for this very reason. And so that we can really get to know you, we have an annual works do in London, paid for entirely by us, so that we can meet as many of you in person as possible. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the office staff to put faces to names and builds personal relationships across company so that we all genuinely feel that we are working together as a team.

If you are a newly qualified driver we will do our best to help develop your career. We care deeply about the future of the crane industry and Charlie is always on hand to offer his invaluable advice and guidance, even taking you to a client’s yard in Essex so that he can watch you drive, assess your level of ability and and help build on the skills you learned on your course. We build your confidence gradually and encourage your progression towards becoming one of the highly skilled operators that we are proud to have on our books.

If you would like to join us at Jackson Crane please click on the ‘Registration’ tab and fill out your details or call us on 07711 358876, we are always happy to talk to you.

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