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About us

Jackson Crane is a well-established employment agency which specialises in the supply of crane operators and related construction workers across the UK. Our personnel are all CPCS registered and are available for hire in and around all major cities in the country which enables us to offer the most professional services to clients nationwide. We consider ourselves to be one of the most reliable, reputable and well-known names in the crane field and are always looking to expand both our staff and client database.

Our workforce is able to offer a range of expertise, from operating the largest of crawler cranes down to the smallest tele-booms as well as a range of tower crane operators. We also offer services from crane supervisors, slinger/signallers and appointed persons.

We have and can supply the right person for your needs.

Charlie Jackson established Jackson Crane in 1997 after 30 years working in the crane business. His expertise and industry knowledge have steered the company to its present position as one of the most successful crane operator recruitment companies in the country.

Knowing the business from the inside out means that Jackson Crane is perfectly placed to provide you with the right operator every time. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and have an impeccable reputation in the industry for going the extra mile to develop excellent working relationships with both our clients and staff members.

The question we always ask ourselves is: “What’s the most we can do, not the least we can get away with?”

Nicole Hudson
Operations Manager
Joined in 2011
Charlie Jackson
Director & Client Management
Jeanne Smith
Director & Accounts Management