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What we do

Jackson Crane is one of the UK’s leading suppliers for lifting team personnel. We offer an extensive range of Crawler, Gantry and Tower Crane Operators along with Appointed Persons, Crane Supervisors and Slinger/Signallers.

Thanks to our committed workforce, we have been able to maintain a reputation that reflects dependability and loyalty, which in turn allows us to offer agency staff from part of a long-term labour force.

We endeavour to change the face of ‘agency’ and engage with our staff in a way that encourages them to contribute toward our family workplace culture. By regularly interacting with our workforce and supporting diversity and inclusion, we appeal greatly to our employees while offering job security like that of permanent employment firms.

Equality & Diversity

Jackson Crane understands the importance of recruiting and retaining ethnic minorities, women, and disabled people across different roles in construction and will continually strive to support and encourage diversity in the workplace. We always seek to provide opportunities to minority groups in the sector and, because of that we benefit by making ourselves available to the best talent.

Continual Improvement

Continual improvement is an essential aspect of Jackson Crane’s management system. Our strict audit process enables us to identify any non-compliances in our procedures and highlights areas for improvement.

We operate a Plan > Do > Check > Act approach for quality control and regularly seek feedback from our clients and suppliers. It is important to us that we meet the standards of our stakeholders and participate in valuable relationships to reach positive outcomes. We consider our role to be greater than just supplying staff, we match experienced and skilled personnel to only suitable positions while always ranking health & safety and quality as our top priority.

What our Customers say

Jackson Crane are very professional and supply Delden Crane with the right experienced, certified operator every time, day or night… in any location. All operators supplied always have a positive can do attitude and soon make a very good relationship with the site management. With a rapidly expanding hire fleet of new cranes this would be a waste of time and money with a poor crawler crane operator at the controls, we have a 100% repeat clientele and
massive growth in new clients so the right operator is as important as the new cranes.

Group hire Manager, Delden Crane Ltd

Very professional end friendly service with the ability to supply highly experienced operators at short notice.

NRC Hire Manager