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Our team always strives for the utmost professionalism and looks to provide the most reliable people even at the most demanding of times. We build close working relationships with both our clients and operators so that they each benefit from our expertise and nationwide connections.

In order to keep the highest and most stringent standards and quality as priority, we communicate our policies and strict standards to our staff on a regular basis. This enables us to truly engage with who we employ and allows our employees the opportunity to tell us how they think we can improve our services. Jackson Crane recognise healthy workplace relationships as a vital component in the world of business and we feel the main beneficiary of this will always be our clients.

We operate efficiently by using a large, custom-designed database of employees. Committed to providing our clients with up-to-date information, we regularly carry out compliance checks on our workforce to make sure Jackson Crane personnel are working with the right credentials.

By using our detailed database, we are able to keep a verifiable record of our staff’s experience on different cranes and their respective performances carried out in varied roles. You can be assured that the staff we provide will have the appropriate credentials to meet the criteria of the project they are supplied to. We don’t operate a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy and will do everything we can to find the operator that is absolutely perfect for you.

Health & Safety is paramount at Jackson Crane and so we are totally committed to making our employees aware of our company policies and procedures at all times while ensuring they vigorously adhere to HSE rules.

We prioritise the welfare and wellbeing of our employees as we know that caring for their physical, psychological and social aspects of their working lives can contribute to higher performance levels and good attendance. Safety Critical medicals are carried out frequently to ensure everyone is in good health and able to complete their daily tasks safely and competently. Our employees have the opportunity to work flexibly with a 24/7 support line available should any problems arise and we are then able to act quickly should this be the case.

Our in-house database allows us to check which operators have completed site specific inductions, including works for the Thames Tideway Project and Hinkley Point Power Station. We often save crane down-time by using the most modern and sophisticated software making it easy to locate and place personnel with the relevant criteria, fast.

Jackson Crane operators are always made aware that they have the important responsibility of representing us, themselves and our clients. It is therefore imperative for us to enforce high quality standards and we impress upon our operators the need to adhere to good practice when on hire.

We are very proud of our history, and it is well-known that we are a company that doesn’t like saying ‘no.’ We will do our best to accommodate your needs to the highest standards possible.

Jackson Crane are at your service and our friendly team look forward to working with you in the very near future.

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